Fundraising for your DACA fees through GoFundMe

Coming up with DACA fees is not easy, especially when you are either a full-time student or the head of your household. Throughout the years, I have fundraised for my own and other’s DACA fees to ensure we submitted our application on time. Let your community help you come up with your own fees.

Here are my personal tips for running a successful fundraising campaign.

  1. Create a fundraising account through
  2. Count for your processing and legal fees in your fundraising goals. DACA fees are $495, so set the total more than $500 to count for platform’s fee and if you need to pay for overnight mailing.
  3. Always add a photo. The photo can be of yourself or anything that relates to your campaign.
  4. Write your story in a clear and concise manner. Name — Short description of the economic hardship (no shame in expressing how much our DACA fees impact our finances) — Communicate the urgency by adding the date when you would like to submit your renewal by — Add a link to the latest DACA update in case readers don’t know why you are in a rush to renew/apply for the first time — Be authentic and unapologetic. End with a message of gratitude and call to action for your readers.
  5. When sharing it on social media, it is important that you add some context to your post. Posting the link alone will not drive people to click on the fundraiser. For example, “I need to submit my DACA renewal by this Friday and I need your help. If you can’t are a donation today, please share this link with your friends and networks.”
  6. Send your fundraiser directly to your friends and community leaders to ask for their support. More shares will increase your changes of meeting your fundraising goals faster.
  7. Publish your fundraising during the lunch hour or after 5pm when more people are active on social medial platforms.
  8. Give people updates and ask for small donations. For example, “If 5 of your donate $25 today, I will meet my goal and will be able to send my application tomorrow.”
  9. Visit to view and support other DACA recipients’ fundraisers.

Best of luck from one DACA recipient to another.

Kenia Calderon Ceron is a blogger and podcaster on